Hair Scalp Care


STEP 3Mau Plus Hair Follicle Revitalizer

Hair Follicle Revitalizer provides the extra special care for visible receding hairlines and balding spots in the advanced stages of thinning hair.

  • It protects our scalp against phototoxic effects of the sunlight.
  • It helps to improve microcirculation and increases blood flow to the scalp, thereby allowing our own body's supply of nutrients to nourish the hair follicle and encourage thicker and fuller hair growth.
  • It also stimulates nutrient transportation, energizes and enhances nutrient uptake by the hair follicle, improving follicle productivity.
  • It prolongs the anagen stage of our hair growth cycle through the following:
  • Stimulation of FGF-7, BMP-2 expression: FGF-7 and BMP-2 induces the proliferation of hair matrix cells which contributes to the extension of the anagen phase.
  • Inhibition of TSR activity: TSR converts testosterone into DHT, which triggers catagen phase. Inhibition of TSR helps to keep the hair cycle on the anagen phase.
  • Suppression of FGF-5 expression: FGF-5 expression triggers the transition from anagen phase to catagen phase. Suppression of fgf-5 expression helps to keep the hair cycle in anagen phase.
  • Proliferation of dermal papilla cells: Proliferation of DPC helps to enlarge the dermal papilla, which is related to thick and strong hair.
  • Stimulation of VEGF expression: VEGF plays an important role in the improvement of vascular network. VEGF is not only an autocrine growth factor for dermal papilla cells, but also a paracrine growth factor for hair matrix cells.