The Truth About Follicle

The truth about hair follicle

Thinning hair problem is a scalp problem, not a hair problem. Knowing the structure of the hair follicle (where the hair grows) is a fundamental knowledge for maintaining healthy hair growth.

In a healthy hair root, there will be blood vessels delivering nutrients to the hair follicle and arrector pili muscle. Sebaceous gland is responsible for producing natural oil to condition the hair.

The consistent supply of nutrients by the blood vessels to the hair follicle and arrector pili muscle will ensure a normal healthy hair growth cycle (Anagen 2-6 years, Catagen 1-2 weeks, and Telogen 5-6 weeks). A clean scalp will ensure that the hair follicles return to the Anagen stage. Each healthy and clean hair follicle has the ability to regrow 32 times. However, with issues such as hot climate, environmental pollution, stress, wrong method of scalp massage, diet, etc could cause the sebaceous gland to be over active, hence causing the scalp to be too oily.
Normal Hair Growth Circle