Why is the importance of having scalp maintenance?

It is very important to have regular scalp maintenance because the scalp is where our hair grows. Most of the shampoos available in the market are designed to cleanse and condition our hair, and the scalp has never been well cleansed all this while. Over time, with the build up of conditioner and natural oil secreted by our scalp (sebum), a shiny layer will be formed on the crown section of our scalp.

What is the "Shiny Layer" on the scalp? How can it affect the normal hair growth?

The shiny layer is a combination of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and sebum that is secreted from our sebaceous gland. This is a water repellent waxy layer, which is not easily dissolved and cleansed by the normal shampoo. The hydrophobic lipids will block and deter our hair pore from normal hair growth.

How many times can a hair pore growth hair?

Under normal circumstances, our hair pore can grow hair for 32times. However, in most cases this number is unattainable due to poor cleansing and over-moisturizing of our scalp (by conditioner).

What is the normal hair growth cycle? Could it be shortened? How?

Each hair is supposed to go through 3 phases: Anagen growing stage (2-6 years), Catagen - Reseting stage (1-2weeks), and Telogen-shedding stage (5-6weeks). After that the cycle will go back to Anagen stage again. Meaning that, under normal circumstances, a healthy hair growth cycle should be at least 6 years.

In most cases, the hair growth cycle is shortened by the blockage caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT block the nutrient supply to the hair follicle and the arrector pili muscle, and causes the hair to go through a miniaturization process (please refer to the animation for more details). The weakening of the arrector pili muscle will also made the hair to be limp.

What is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and What causes the high production of DHT?

DHT is produced by an enzymatic reaction with testosterone (male hormone) in the tissue responsive skin- the crown section of the scalp. The known causes are inheritance, stress, diet (too much animal fat), poor health, medication and environmental.

Is balding and hair thinning hereditary?

No. One will not inherit the result of balding or thinning hair from their father, but they can inherit the causes. Therefore understanding the causes and rectify them in the early stage will be an added advantage.

Is there any early sign for balding and hair thinning?

Our body will start to produce DHT during adolescent stage (15-18year old). It will show up as acne (pimple) or very oily face in the early age. Other conditions such as alopecia areata (patch baldness in between ear), excessive daily hair lose (more than 50 a day), and excessive body hair are also symptoms of early warning.

Why Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser and Mau Plus Scalp Spa Treatment is necessary to each and everyone?

Our Face needs a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It is the same reason for using the Mau Plus system – it is a cleanser and maintenance system for our scalp. Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser with active enzymes will dissolve the DHT and sebum accumulated on the scalp and blocking the hair pore. It is a deep cleansing system to the scalp. Mau Plus Scalp Spa Treatment will disinfect and moisturize the scalp, and to maintain the scalp in its optimum environment for the healthy hair growth.

Why there are redness and tingling effect after applying the Mau Plus Hair Follicle Revitalizer?

This vitamin active formulation improves microcirculation and increases blood flow to the scalp, which will cause a temporary redness on the applied area thereby allowing our own body supply on nutrients to nourish the hair follicle and encourage thicker and fuller hair.

How can I check the progress of improvement after using the Mau Plus Series?

Visible result will be seen after a few weeks of usage where the limp and weak hair starts to regain its energy and better hair volume will be observed. The strengthening of the hair root is also an evidence that the arrector pili muscle is stronger (arrector pili muscles draws nutrients from the same source of blood supply as hair follicle).

How often should I use my Mau Plus?

Ideally, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening (especially for the very oily scalp). As for the women, they could wash it every alternate day. This product is suitable for all genders of any age group.

Is Mau Plus Cleanser a deep cleansing shampoo for scalp? If it is, how could it be used in salon?

Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser and Mau Plus Scalp Spa Treatment is not a replacement for the usual hair shampoo or conditioner. Its designed for the maintenance of scalp.

Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser

Client could use their usual hair protection shampoo to wash their hair and the Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser to be applied on scalp after the rinsing of the hair protection shampoo on the washing station. Rinse off the Mau Plus Scalp Balancing Cleanser after 1-2 minutes of washing on the scalp. Apply the Mau Plus Scalp Spa Treatment on the scalp and hair conditioner on the hair; leave on for about 2-3minutes before rinsing off.



What are the common types of hair loss?

Androgenetic alopecia: Commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness (for men) or Diffused Alopecia (for women). This is the cause for about 98% of the hair loss problem in the market. The main reason is due to DHT (or many refer them as hormonal problem).

AlopeciaAreata: This is hair loss due to immune system malfunction. It will appear as patch baldness in the scalp area between ears.

Alopecia Totalis: This is hair loss due to immune system malfunction. It will appear as complete loss of hair on the head.

Alopecia Universalis: This is hair loss due to immune system malfunction. It will appear as complete loss of hair, on head and body.



The one and only true solution to treat and maintain the scalp and hair follicle gradually, by dissolving the accumulated sebum, dirt and DHT settlement. Besides being a moisturizer, the MAU PLUS Scalp Spa Treatment also acts as disinfect for the scalp after exfoliating effect of the MAU PLUS BALANCING CLEANSER. The moisturizing effect of the product also controls the excessive oil secretion from the sebaceous gland.

The MAU PLUS HAIR SERUM Promotes nutrient supply to the hair follicle without any side effect. It is an ideal formulation for normal hair thinning.

A special care required for visible receding hairlines and thinning hair in the advanced stages, MAU PLUS HAIR FOLLICE REVITALIZER protects against the photo toxic effects of sunlight and improves microcirculation and increases blood flow to the scalp, thereby allowing our own body supply of nutrients to nourish the hair follicle and encourages thicker and fuller hair. It also extends the anagen stage of our hair.

You will experience an instant cleansed effect on the scalp that you have never experience before!