About Us

Polygon Traders Sdn Bhd was founded in 1975 with its core business in hair cosmetic distribution and manufacturing. Our company has more than 350 hair care products from hair colouring, perming, hair straightening, treatment to hair finishing products like hair spray, mousse, gel and many more.

In 1981, the company undertook a major move into research and development of hair scalp maintenance. After extensive product testing, the company finally launched the first series
of our hair scalp maintenance system called 'Mau Plus', which, in Chinese, means additional hair.


The philosophy behind Mau Plus is to develop products for an affordable home-care system by emphasising the importance of scalp care and effective nutrient delivery system where only natural botanical actives are used. All products are only clinically and dermalogically tested and no ingrdients from animal source is used.

Since then, Mau Plus receives double –digit growth every year and the range is now sold in more than 40 countries.

In the year 2005, riding on the success of the core line, we have extended our R&D into hair growth around the eyes. After extensive testing, the ocular zone series was launched in 2010 with hair growth products for lashes and brows.

We are proud to claim that, the Mau Plus series is the most effective and successful home-care series in Malaysia, and in countries in which we have a presence, with as high as 90% returning clients.