Hair Scalp Care


How to measure your progress after using Mau Plus?

  • From day 1 to day 4, 95 % of users experience a stronger hair root due to the effective nutrient delivery to the arrector pili muscle. Hence, no more limp hair.
  • From day 4 to day 10, 85% of users will have a thicker hair on the scalp where there are new growth of hair.
  • From day 10 to day 14, 65% of users will have new hair growing in between the old ones.

  • Compare your results with the list below:
10 - 50 hair per day -> Average healthy Mau Plus user
51 - 100 hair per day -> Moderately abnormal
101 - 150 hair per day -> Significantly abnormal

  • Use Mau Plus for 45 days with the hair snare in place, recording as you go along.
  • You will be delighted with the results!
  Hair count using Normal Shampoo Hair count using Mau Plus
1st Day    
2nd Day